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Feb 6, 2019 08:38
There are people who believe that school cafeterias should not sell soft drinks and other sugary drinks, others think students should make the decision about what they drink. I personally, think that the choice should be up to the students and that the issue is the knowledge they count on to make an informed election.

The matter that school should focus on is to give correct and robust information on sugary drinks and their negative effects to human health. There are different ways to educate children, on YouTube for example, there are variety of clips showing the amount of sugar that common foodstuffs contain There are also videos explaining the reactions of human body to high sugar contents and how sugar can trigger the development of serious illnesses like cancer. These kinds of material are very important in order for kids to make a wise choice. If schools just prohibit high-sugar drinks, children might not get them at school but later on, while being elsewhere they will drink just as many sugary drinks as they want. Then they will have even worse food habits and their bodies might suffer decompensation.

By having the right arguments, children will be able to think by themselves not only regarding food habits but also about other subjects. Schools should always provide the reason to do or not to do a given thing, it would make out of the children people who are also able to positively influence other’s decisions.

It is clear then, that while sugary drinks are very harmful to children’s health. It is not up to the school to make the choices in behalf of the students. The real solution is not to ban soft-drink consumption but to educate children on every aspect of that affair.
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