I'm sicking tired of the society's double standards.

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Nov 11, 2017 05:45
I'm sicking tired of the society's double standards. I hear parents complaining of their daughters getting pregnant. I hear the media asking why men mistreat and rape women and children. However, nobody does anything to teach the children and teenagers how wrong reggaeton and trap music is. Quite the opposite, they promote the consumption of this music. Parents laugh out loud when they see their kids singing and dancing that discusting music. I've asked them why they let their kids to listen to that kind of music and they say: " It's fashionable, what can I do?". They don't realize the harm their kids are exposed to, Most of Reggaeton and Trap music distort the ideas of woman, man, relationships, love and, sexuality. As a result we're living in a society full of abuse, shallowness, depression and, low self-esteem.