First Impressions

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Mar 20, 2019 10:26
We all meet people on a daily basis and get a first impression on them. While there are those who judge people based on their first impression, there are also those who prefer to not trust that first impression. I personally, do not trust first impressions because they may be wrong.

On the one hand, people can adopt the attitude of judging people by what they perceive of them in their first encounter. This is not beneficial for themselves or the ones around them, because they might be losing the opportunity to meet a really gracious and marvelous person. A misbehavior or aggressive attitude on the part of the person that one is meeting for the first time, is very likely to be a result of a bad day or a unfortunate experience that they have had previously.

On the other hand, the position of giving people a second opportunity to get to know people is the best call. It is more considerate and humane. Taking into account that we all can eventually have a bad day and behave differently than we usually do is the wiser choice.

I agree that first impressions not always correspond to what someone may look like. I can take one of my best friends as an example. I met her while in college. The first time I saw her I thought she was a bad girl and that I should not make any effort to get to know her, just because she was smoking, which is a habit that I have always rejected. Time passed and fate united us, I discover what a great person she is.

To sum up, first impressions should not be trusted to judge people, they often mislead us and prevent us from knowing incredible people that, in the long term may become really important part of our lives.