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Jan 11, 2019 12:43
Many people believe that coaches are the best when it comes to teaching. I totally agree because each person is quite different from others and their needs, therefore, are distinct.
All of us have been raised under very diverse conditions, it somehow make us to develop different skills as well as weaknesses, thus, having dissimilar needs, education should be approached accordingly, it should be more personalized.
I take a classmate of mine as an example. He was an introverted student and had trouble when working with other people. When the mid- term exams came he had very bad grades, as soon as his mother noticed it she came to the teacher’s office and let him know that his son needed a different approach in order to learn. For him to process the information that he was being taught, he had to be physically active. His mother, then, asked the teacher to commit with his son’s learning process, dedicate especial attention, and make time for him. The teacher soon discovered that he learned very easily when playing basketball. So, after our normal classes the teacher would go play basketball with him and tell him new informations while jogging. It made the difference. At the end of the year this person got the highest grade in the class and even attended a special event out of the city.

It is clear for me, then, that while most of us adapt to the standard conditions and learn to fit in, an individualized education would make our learning process both easier and funnier and will exploit our potential. We could discover the abilities that make us especial and we could, consequently, be the best at what we do. Each person would be more focused on developing their talents and us as a whole would be a more efficient community.