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Apr 9, 2019 11:13
Most of us have some time struggled with the dilemma of what to do in our professional lives, or have had a relative or friend going through that situation. If I had a friend working at a job that she or he does not like but pays well and was offered a promotion that would mean more pay, but longer hours, my advice for they would be to take the job for as long as they could save enough money to cover her expenses while she pursues her dream job?

The primary reason to advice my friend to take the job –in spite of the sacrifice of dedicating more time- is because the current economic situation is not easy. Not only is the rate of employment decreasing but also the wages that all kinds of professional are being offered is decreasing, so it would not be wise to reject the offer of earning more money. It would mean to temporarily renounce to go further in the way they think would lead them to happiness. In the long term, however, it will be an investment. They should take advantage of the vitality they still have and spending some time working hard in order to be able to save money to later on be able to resign and think through the way to undertake what they think they are best at.

I would put myself as an example of that. I went to a similar circumstance. I was not able to study, instead, I had to work doing something I was not passionate about because it meant the opportunity to save the money to pay the fees of the college. Although I did have to go through a season when I was not completely happy, my goal to study gave me the motivation to keep on working, it was not an obstacle but a tool for me to accomplish my dream.

To sum up, even though it is not easy to work at something one does not entirely likes, I think it is worth it because it can be afterwards be the ground to start in the path ones really likes.
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