Big Initiatives or Small Ones?

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Feb 21, 2019 06:02
If I had to choose between contributing money to a small organization and a large one, I would opt for a small local group.

Most people might think that a large organization has more influence and power to assist people. In my opinion, nevertheless, changes at small scale are more powerful than one can expect. It reminds me of a story that I once read about Mother Teresa. She stated that even though little actions might seem to be just like a drop in the ocean, that action is very valuable as it has the potential to drastically change the lives of people not only concerning material things but also people’s inside.

The impact of any action regardless big or small, should not be measured by the amount of people receiving certain aid but in terms of what that assistance means to the life or lives that are being positively impacted. Real change does not hinge on how much money someone obtains but in how that money or any other kind of resource give people the tools to change their mindset, overcome their circumstances, and consequently become a change agent for others. Real transformations stem for a genuine and timely support. When people feel that they are special and are more than just a number, they are more likely to commit to contributing to change their situation instead of just getting the money.

Altogether, I would donate my money to a small initiative instead of donating it to a large institution for I think small actions are the driving force of big transformations. One life changed might translate into something pretty significant in the future.