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Feb 9, 2019 07:20
*The writing is supposed to be formal

Some people hold the idea that classmates play a more important role than parents on a child's success in school. I do not agree with this statement and think it depends on each kid’s personality.

I can take my brother and myself as an example. We are very close in age and grew up in the exact same environment at home. However our achivements at school were determined by different people. My performance at school was strongly affected by my classmates. I was always surrounded by very disciplined kids. They will always be at the top of the class, their grades were outstanding. Being enclosed by that kind of people motivated me to do my best. Besides, my schoolmates and I would always look for new ways to learn and were eager to discover new things and so I also was a pretty good student, not only did I have good marks but I also became methodological in my way of learning.

For my brother, on the other hand, my dad was the one that determined how successful my brother was at school. While my brother also was surrounded by brilliant kids, it was not as important to my brother’s academic success as my dad was. The admiration that my brother felt towards dad made him work hard to get excellent grades. He was always looking for upgrading his performance in order to please dad. To my brother, grades were not the only stimulus, the biggest achievement for him was to make dad happy and see how proud dad was of him.

In conclusion, the success of each student may be influenced by different people according with the children’s personality and interests. The dynamics of the relationships at home would be of the upmost importance in determining the student’s academic performance.
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