Marketing And Social Media

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May 2, 2019 09:39
The reading was about an incident that happened on Twitter caused presumably by Syrian hackers. Wrong information was released on the website that caused the Dow Jones to drop by 150 points. Because of this, concern about the effect of social media on marketing arose.

While companies’ executives are being allowed to use Twitter and Facebook to broadcast marketing movements, there are those who question whether there should be safeguards to protect markets against social media.
The listening passage, on the other hand, exposes the issue of freedom and how important is for individuals to be able to express their ideas. The speaker illustrates how marketing has evolved from being art to science, as it involves huge amounts of information, algorithms, etc.

In conclusion, there is nowadays a disjunctive between giving total freedom to people to broadcast whatever they want and the effects that it may cause, as organizations of all kinds –political, terrorists, etc.- could manipulate people by giving false or misleading information.
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