Interview with Tom Odell

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Nov 17, 2017 02:37

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Lorraine: ---- your fluffy hair

Tom: Yeah, --- new album, new haircut

Lorraine: New haircut… I’ll tell what, you must be ---- because come back from Australia on Sunday --------

Tom: No, yesterday

Lorraine: Only yesterday?

Tom: Yeah, I come back yesterday

Lorraine: Good ---, at midday?

Tom: Something like that, ----confused about -----

Lorraine: You’ll be more confused by the time I finish -----. So, how was Australia’ I guess it’s promoting the album

Tom: Yes, we went to Japan and then over to Oakland and then spent five days in Sidney. And actually I have some family in Melbourne --------- and I have some cousins -------- to see them.

Lorraine: And also I know you mentioned the Oakland --- you actually went back to Oakland where you lived as a young boy to see the family house, didn’t you?

Tom: So I lived there when I was five and haven’t been back there --- twenty years and being back is strange. I recognize so much of it and the lady had... the lady on the house now had a door-----a small -----------you know it’s bizarre, so strange going back to ... you know childhood home.

Lorraine: ‘Cause you’re --- little you’re there but as you say the memories are just in there, aren’t they?

Tom: Everything seems a lot smaller when you go back, when you’re five everything is huge, isn’t it?