Holiday Festivities

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Apr 26, 2019 09:39
Holiday festivities form an important part of the culture of a country because they help us to maintain the legacy of previous generations and remind us to follow traditions.

In Colombia –the country I come from- we have numerous holiday festivities. Being Colombia such as diverse country, the people from each of the regions celebrate different festivities to maintain alive their very particular customs and history. The festivity I consider most important is the “Black and white peoples’ carnival”.

This festivity is celebrated in the south west of Colombia in the department of Nariño early in January. The reason I consider this holiday to be the most important one, is because its purpose is to teach us that we all are equally important in society, regardless of our race, religion, or social position. This holiday also aims to encourage people to put ourselves in other’s shoes and think how other people with different conditions feel.

During this festivity black people would paint their faces in white color and vice versa. They would walk on the streets dancing and singing all together. The time they all spend in unity let them know that it does not matter what they do for a living, the way the look, or how wealthy they are. They become one to show others that we should love and respect each other in despite of who we are or what we have.

In conclusion, holiday celebrations like the Black and White peoples’ carnival is a very good example as to how significant celebrations are to people from a given country or geographical region as it help us commemorate our history and allow new generations to know where our customs stem from.