Can Parents Learn From Their Kids?

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Feb 27, 2019 08:59
Being parent is undoubtedly a life-changing journey. Contrary to what many people might think, parenting is a reciprocal process, wherein not only parents teach and guide their children, but also learn important lessons from them.

The first, and probably the most enriching thing that parents can learn from their little ones is the learning attitude. Kids are strikingly curious and eager to know how everything works. They are easily fascinated by simple events occurring around them. Having that hunger for learning is pretty much the only way to constantly get to know new things.

Another extraordinary characteristic of kids that parents can learn from is their genuineness. Kids are pure creatures who do not pretend to be something they are not. They do not care about what other might say and do not expect everyone to like them. This is a fantastic attribute to learn from children, it would take a lot of pressure off parents.

Humility is too a beautiful quality of kids. When something goes wrong and they have to be disciplined by their parents, kids just feel pretty bad for making dad and mom sad, thus, looking for their forgiveness, instead of arguing or blaming the other one. They will easily recognize what they did and try to make it up to their parents. If parent were this way, the relationship between them and their kids would be very straightforward, as there would not be someone trying to hold the other accountant for whatever the issue is, rather, both parents and children would go to great lengths to solve the situation and keep healthy the relationship.

All in all, parents do have lots to learn from children. Thrist to learn, genuineness, and humility are some of the characteristic features that kids have and can be extremely enriching to their parents.
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