A Good Co-Worker

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Feb 7, 2019 11:25
When at work, we all have to share time and space with different kinds of people. Behaviors and personality of our colleagues become very important. In my opinion, there are two important characteristics that all co-workers should have. He or she should be respectful and honest.

From my own experience, these two characteristics are fundamental. It would be very hard to get along with someone lacking any of these attributes. Someone disrespectful and dishonest would be very likely to do things like spying on you, telling your boss lies about you, or taking credit for your work.

In my first job, for example, I had the mischance to have an impertinent and deceitful person as co-worker. She would be always use my personal belongings without asking for my permission. She also checked on my personal e-mail. I cannot tell how many times I asked her to stop having that behavior and she would always reply she did not mean badly and that I should be open to the sincere friendship she was offering me. Not only did she disregard and ignore my comments but she also made me look bad before my boss. There were countless times when I discovered her making out stories about me just to appear as the best employee. It is not the right way to earn your boss’ trust and affection.

In conclusion, a good co-worker should ideally be both respectful and honest. Someone lacking either would be very hard to work with and will make it difficult to have a healthy environment when I can do my best.