Environment or Art? (Formal writing)

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Mar 21, 2019 09:45
It is a government’s duty to invest on education program. The subjects that can be funded by the administration may be very diverse and range from environment to art issues. Some people consider that governments should invest in programs to teach how to care our environment; others believe that the money should be spent in art programs. If asked, I would opt for programs on environment education. Because of the situation we are nowadays are going through, environment programs are the best option over art courses.

The primary reason for me to prefer environment programs is that we all depend on the resources that the environment offers us. Not to mention that the deterioration that our planet is suffering is the result of the human activity. The irresponsible usage of resources like water or oil have caused the alteration of many ecosystems, and has put at stake our survival. We all are in debt with the Earth and must do anything on our power to ensure that it does not continue to worsen.

While, art is an important part of our development as human beings and has been key for building different cultures and mindsets over time, it does not directly contribute to environment protection. Art programs should also be funded; however, they should not be the priority because it is not art what will serve us sustenance in the future.

Altogether, both programs supporting a care for the environment and programs promoting arts are beneficial for us all, and as such, they both should be funded by the government. Nevertheless, efforts focused on programs supporting education on environment should be priority taking into account the current situation of our planet.