Alone Or Accompanied?

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Feb 23, 2019 03:13
*This writing is supposed to be formal, so if you find any unsuitable phrases please let me know it.

If I had to choose between watching movies alone or with a friend I would opt to watch movies alone.

Even though I do enjoy the company of my friends, I have noticed that when in company I tend to fall asleep and therefore miss all the fun. Conversely, when I am alone I pay attention and stay attentive to each scene. I find this interesting because most of the people I know tend to do just the opposite. They are more observant when they are surrounded by others and lose interest in the movie if alone.

I think the reason why I remain watchful when I am watching movies by myself is that I really enjoy watching them, thus, I do not want anyone or anything to spoil the movie and the atmosphere that it creates. When people go to the movies, they usually make comments on the scenes or characters during the film. My friends, for example, would mention whether they find a certain character attractive, or whether their performances are good enough or not, let alone the fact that people generally miss certain details and start asking “What did he say? I honestly find that overly annoying”. When I am alone I get to immerse myself in the mood of the film and feel that I can understand better the plot.

Altogether, I prefer to be alone when watching movies. Being with friends prevents me from paying full attention to what I am watching; I can hardly concentrate on the movie if I am not alone.