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Nov 12, 2016 18:50
Hi there,

I want to transcribe the lyrics of a song, it is not popular at all, so I couldn't find the lyrics online. Would you help me?

I am including the link down below and also my transcript:

Lyrics (According to me)

Let your heart skip/escape a bit, don’t allow it---? so tiny, let it go, let it breathe, come on and take it easy, you’ll get to the place you want to be.

Stars that you wish on, the crowders on the fountain, the candles that you blow, every-- that you add on is everything, oh is everything
So keep on dreaming cause I got a feeling, oh I got a feeling keep on dreaming (x2). Give me something for me to believe in, yes you, I believe in, keep on dreaming (x2) keep on.-

Take a ride, take a trip, drop your memory lay, open eyes, open mind, you have/---- so much to say, you’re young so alive with the whole world to change. That was, you this is now, Do you feel the same? Cause is hard to control when you think of this faith, don’t you give up, don’t accept it, there is always a love and way.


Go and live in your own little world, keep on dreaming (x2), make this a love/laugh you can truly --- chaos, keep on dreaming (x2).