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Apr 7, 2019 10:28
There are different customs in each country all over the world that have their origins in the history of a given place. Most of times, said practices happen to be a significant part of the people’s identity and therefore are pass from a generation to another. I think, however, that some customs should be eliminated because they do not pose any benefit to the people.

As an example of this, I can narrate a very traditional custom in the country I come from – Colombia- that could be excluded from our traditions. Every year on New Year’s Eve, Colombian people celebrate what we call the Old Year Man. People make a big dummy imitating a man’s body, the fill it with gunpowder, and when midnight comes they set on fire the dummy so it explodes. The dummy is supposed to represent all the bad things that happened over the ending year, and by setting it on fire they are getting rid of all the bad experiences they have had and are ready to a new beginning.

This tradition is very dangerous and provokes hundreds of injured people –children, in many cases-, manipulating gunpowder is not something that can be done without training, people nonetheless, insist in continuing to put their lives at risk just to follow a customs they have been taught by their forefathers. Each year, on January the first, we can see on the news how many people have been burnt while manipulating these dummies, yet all the people think it will not ever happen to them. If this custom were eliminated from our culture, we could prevent accidents from happening without it taking anything from our idiosyncrasy.

Altogether, customs represent the culture and idiosyncrasy of a given country, there are some, nevertheless, that are not beneficial to the people and could be rethought.