If I had to Get Rid of a Spanish Word

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Nov 29, 2017 00:47
I was watching an awfully cheesy movie. I couldn't finish it, I could feel how my sugar levels were boosting (Is this word appropiate here?). So I stopped it, it wasn't completely a waste of time though. Somehow it made me think about the Spanish word "caballerosidad". According to the dictionary, this word makes reference to men being kind, corteous, and gallant especially toward a woman.

Then, I googled "caballerosidad", it said things like: open the car's door so that she can get in first, carry her bag, pull out the chair for her, and so on. Honestly, I think these are needless things and they reinforce male chauvinism. I mean we women are perfectly able to do all those things own ourselves. I know men are anatomically stronger than us, their skeletons are bigger and heavier than ours, so they are able to carry heavier burdens, but come on we can carry our own bag!

I know most men mean well when they do those things for women, however, men doing that kind of stuff implies we're way much weaker. In my opinion, both men and women should behave kindly toward all the people and be sensitive about other's needs. So, I would either get rid of the word "caballerosidad" or include a new one: "damosidad".
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