Why Do Women Cry? III

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Jun 4, 2017 02:59


Do you guys want to know why women cry?
Jesus, you are getting married, so you should know, because she is gonna cry a lot, when she gets to know you she'll cry a lot, I am telling you! I'm talking to the cameramen.

-And they start to cry since they are little, you have a daughter, me too, and they start since they are little girls.

-My daughter cries and she does not even know why, but she cries. And I say: See how little they are when they are already crying, Oh my God!

- It's a chip

-Women organism produces a hormon known as prolactin that increases the sensitiveness and triggers their emotions. I was born with no prolactin, prolactin was over, they couln't give me any prolactin.

Well, prolactin makes woman cry with the same intensity, it doesn't matter wheter her boyfriend is breaking up with her or asking her to marry him, she cries the same:

-I'm leaving you, crazy!
-Oh, why?
-Would you marry me?
-Oh why?
¿Quieren saber las causas por las cuales lloran las mujeres?
Jesús vos te vas a casar pronto tenés que saber porque va a llorar un montón, eh! Cuando te conozca va a llorar un montón, yo ya te digo, le estoy hablando al camarógrafo.
-Y comienzan desde chiquiticas, porque tú que tienes una hija y yo tengo una hija y comienzan desde pequeñitas.
-Mi hija ya llora y no sabe porqué, ya sabe. Yo digo mirá qué chiquititas empiezan con eso, Ay Dios mío!
-Es un chip
-El organismo de la mujer genera una hormona llamada prolactina que aumenta la sensibilidad y potencia sus emociones. Yo nací sin prolactina, no había más prolactina en el hospital, no me pudieron poner.
Bueno, la mujer hace que llore con la misma intensidad cuando el novio la abandona que cuando le propone matrimonio, llora de igual manera:
-“¡Te dejo, loca!”
-“Ah, ¿Por qué?”
-“¿Querés ser mi esposa?
-“Ah, ¿Por qué?”
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