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Apr 23, 2019 11:20
Choosing a career is a decision that must of us have made, it is also a decision that many people have made wrongly. However, people do not usually recognize they have made a bad decision, instead, they pretend to be fine with it in order not to face the reaction of their beloved ones. If I had to give advice to a friend on which career switch to I would give them two reasons to help them elect the right one

Firstly, I will encourage them not to feel worried nor think about what people might say. From my experience, I know that one of the first things one think of when contemplating the possibility of switching careers, is what are going to say the people around. One feels afraid of letting people down. It is especially hard to think of parents because they are the ones that support us while studying and also have big expectations as to what we are going to become in the future.

My second piece of advice would be to stop studying and dedicate time to find out what they want to study, instead of immediately start a new career. Choosing a profession is not a decision that can be made overnight. It requires us to spent time parsing out our abilities and weaknesses, what we are willing to give up on and what is worth it for us.

Altogether, I would advise my friend to think through what career is the best match. Rushing is not going to save time. So she must analyze what the options are and set aside the pressure that parents or family might put on her in that it is our life, and no one should push us.
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