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Apr 30, 2019 09:58
The reading passage -written by Ken Robinson- is about his talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity? on TedTalks. In the reading Mr. Robinson gives some numbers to show how successful his talk was. 200 million downloads on YouTube in 150 different countries.

The reason why the talk became so popular –explains Robinson- is because many people identify with the topics on the talk. Most of people feel their capacities have been suppressed by educational systems and they think it is urgent to cultivate them.

On the actual lecture on TedTalks, Mr. Robinson addresses three main themes: human creativity, the fact that we do not know what is going to happen, and the extraordinary capacities that children have.

He uses a lot of examples to illustrate the latter point. Among them, the example on a little girl named Gillian (included in his book, Epiphany) is worth highlighting . Gillian behaved differently when she was little, her mother thought she was sick, took her to the doctor, and learned later that her daughter was not sick, she just have a different capacity. The doctor told the mother that the girl was a dancer. The girl, later on became inspiration for many and millionaire, she did her fortune by dancing.

The author finishes by encouraging us to rethink the fundaments of education.
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