Please can you check my essay for this months Chinese exam.

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Apr 19, 2011 00:51
It is exam time again! Please can you check my written piece for this months exam.

Here is what I must included.

Greet Mr Li.
Say that you are going to Xi’an Business School in September.
Say that you will go to Xi’an on Thursday 16th September by train.
Say that you would like to go to the Nanfang Hotel first and then to the bank.
Say that you want to get a taxi to the hotel.
Ask if there is a bank near the Nanfang Hotel.
Ask if it is quicker to get to the business school by bike than by bus.
Ask what the weather is like in Xi’an in September.
Say thank you and sign your name either in Chinese characters (if you have a Chinese name) or in English and date it (In Chinese not using Roman numerals).

我先想去南方饭店, 然后去银行。
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