Confused about 개나 in 사과를 몇 개나 샀니?

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Jan 27, 2011 07:55
I saw this today 사과를 몇 개나 샀니? How many apples did you buy? I'm a little confused about 개나. I think 개 is a measure word, but I dont understand why it would come after how many why not before or even after apple, and exactly what is 나 doing in here, what is it's purpose?

None of the explanations in the breakdown seem to me to fit here ( 1. I, me (casual) 2. (particle after word to add meaning of 'however') 3. (particle after noun to add meaning of 'as well', 'too') 4. (particle after word to add meaning of 'so much') 5. or 6. (particle after verb or adjective to make question, casual).

Thank you
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