What is my job called in Chinese?

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Sep 28, 2013 16:01
There seems to be some confusion over what my job is called in Chinese. I am a housekeeper in a hotel. I used the word 管家 that I found in online dictionary nciku, but I think that is wrong for several reasons. First some Chinese people have changed it to various things, and it also seems Nciku is American, and in America, a housekeeper is something different to a housekeeper in England.

A housekeeper (in British English) is someone who cleans the bedrooms in a hotel. They make beds, clean, hoover etc etc. Some people said I am a 管理员, but that can not be right, as that is management team. Someone else sais 行政管家, but I am not a administrator of any kind. Someone else said I am 服务员, but I thought 服务员 meant waitress.

What excatly should I call my job in Chinese?