Translation practice English to Chinese, 10 sentences.

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Oct 7, 2012 20:20
Where are you of to this weekend? I am going nowhere in particular.
When I got to his house those 3 friends of his were watching TV on his new sofa.
The stir fried beef with vegetables in that restaurant is so tasty everyone loves it.
I have just moved house. The new house is a bit smaller than what I have been used to.
Where did you put the dictionary I just bought? I couldn't find it anywhere.
Do you know the man leaning against the bookshelf? Yes, but I've forgotten his name.
I will go to meet you at the pub next to the bookshop as soon as I've finish the homework.
How stupid of me, I wrote those two characters wrong again yesterday in the exam.
This room is too small. Can you please take this office desk outside for me. (must have ‘for me’included)
这个房间太小了, 请你替我把这个办公桌子拿出去外面。
Computers can do almost anything except for eating and sleeping for people.
除了替人吃饭和睡觉以外,电脑几乎什么都能做。(must have ‘for people’included)