Do people in different parts of China pronounce the sound "er" differently?

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Nov 10, 2013 02:57
I am very confused about the sound "er" in Chinese. For years I have pronounced it like the sound "er" at the end of the English word "her". I said it this way all through university like this and was never corrected or misunderstood. However, today when I was teaching a Chinese person English, I mentioned I was learning to play 二胡 and they didn't understand me. They pronounced "er" more like the English sound "r" .

I checked a few words containing the "er" sound in various talking dictionaries, and found it did not sound the same in all of them.

Do you think this sound should sound like "er" as in "her" or "r"? Does it sound different depending on whereabouts in China someone is from?

On the link below, I will demonstrate the two ways I have heard this sound pronounced.
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