Should poor nations be responsible for their own development?

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May 29, 2016 05:01
Some nations became poor not only because of themselves, so this theme is controversial. Personally, I believe that poor nations should be responsible for their own development for two reasons.
First, developed countries give assistance to developing countries, however, every country has its own interest. If a nation becomes too dependent on foreign aid, there is a possibility that its development will be impeded because developed countries intend to grow their market or to use for military purposes. You cannot expect them to help development purely. These would lead to a wrong outcome. Secondly, development is not always good. When Bhutan’s king visited Japan, that country was reported to be the happiest country although it is classified as one of the least developed countries. It must be better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy. It is important to retain dignity. If one receives donations, it will be difficult to disobey donors.
In conclusion, I believe that poor nations should be responsible for their development for the reasons stated above. I suggest not hurry to develop but to stop and consider the best future for people. Economic growth is not everything. Developed countries are still responsible, too.
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