Does modern society encourage selfishness?

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Aug 21, 2016 05:51
It is not amusing to think of disadvantages of modern society. I do not like anything that encourages selfishness. Personally, I believe that modern society encourages selfishness for two reasons.
First, in ancient society people had to help each other by all means to survive so that selfishness was hardly allowed. Now we can live nearly without depending on others owing to the development of technology. It is not necessary to hide selfishness any more. To my sorrow, selfish opinions and activities are becoming common more and more.
Secondly, the Internet made it easier to express one’s claim rapidly and worldwide. As you can attack somebody anonymously, even a coward person can use it on a wrong purpose. Everybody is not essentially kind and warm-hearted especially when he/she does not have to disclose his/her real name. Digital tools can spread groundless rumours instantly.
In conclusion, I believe that modern society encourages selfishness for the reasons stated above. Everything has two sides. So it is also possible to educate people without great efforts and at low cost. I hope that literacy will be highly promoted for the happiness of all the people. I am willing to help make society unselfish.