Agree of disagree: The government should provide most public services

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Jun 5, 2016 04:50
It is a trend to privatize public services. Its outcome receives both pros and cons. Personally, I believe that the government should provide most public services for two reasons.
First, it is the government that should be responsible to provide the best environment for its nationals. Though the number of children is seriously decreasing and this is definitely a national crisis, no effective means have been taken so far. This issue became
extremely controversial by a blog “My kid wasn’t accepted for nursery school. Die Japan!!!”
Secondly, company employees usually have to work in worse conditions compared to public servants. So as a result there are less good jobs and poverty among children is emerging. Even though it is advantageous that privatization can promote competition and can lead to offer better services, the situation might get
complicated. I am afraid that the solution would be tougher.
In conclusion, I believe that the government should provide most public services for the reasons stated above. The government can emulate the private sector to offer better public services. By pursuing profit too much, the socially vulnerable like women and children always suffer. I hope that the government will take action soon.
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