the Russian president election campaign

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Mar 13, 2018 07:05
Here I will try to explain in a very simple way how the Russian president election campaign looks like this year.
Five Putin's sock puppets do their best pretending to be his political opponents. Each of them plays his own role. One pretend to be a communist. Another pretend to be a liberal and so on.
Once a week all these "opponents" get together for "debates" on the Russian national television. Each program last for fifty minutes and each of opponents has about seven minutes divided into three parts to explain who he is and why people should vote for him. Usually their speech consist of stupid slogans mixed with random political bullshit and looks like this: "vote for me because I am better then the rest. I will make Russia great again". I don't blame them for this. What else can you explain to people in 7 minutes?
Putin doesn't participate in these "debates" and I am not even sure if he knows about their existence. He don't need this. All Russian TV channels praise him 24/7.
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