to my 누나(ha ha ha)

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Nov 24, 2008 10:51
I was waiting your answer(on MSN). and I receive it.

You said ' I'll go to Korea Dec / 20'

I'm happy your visiting and I'll go to meet you when you arrive at Korea.

But be careful. Now we are so cold 'cause it's winter.
(freeze~~~~ you might be dead - -a)

You said in Thailand there's no winter right? no cold no freeze.

ah..... I envy you. I wanna live Hawaii or Thailand. I hate winter.

Anyway when you come to Seoul you have to take your heavy coat.

I'm afraid you can't come to Busan. I think Busan is more beautiful
than Seoul. (just I think)

You remembered when I first met you? I was looking for someone
who taught my English.

So, I joined 'Lang-8" and I found you. I was so happy.

You taught me many things! and homework. ㅎㅎㅎ

It's very helpful to improve my English.

Thank you for your help and MSN too.

MSN is wonderful invention, don't you think?

You always hate when I call you '누나' because you feel old

But when I meet you, I shout in Seoul. ㅎㅎ watch out.

and run out~