my sweet hometown in my mind

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Oct 28, 2008 16:39
My Hometown

This time, I introduce my hometown. I lived in 'yang san'. It's near by busan. When I was young(when I was 10 old)yang san is small village. very small. Imagine in 1990, how is your hometown.
There isn't apart and tall buildings, the tallest building has 3th floor.
there have huge rice fields, so when we finished school we ran out to the fields and caught the fishes, frogs and pick up the rice.
We were poor, but we always feel so happy. We don't have computer or electronic games, so we play go out everytime.
In spring, we take straw berry, cherry and so on. In summer, many things! corn, grape, green apple, water melon. Oh one more thing, chicken!
We call this 'seo ri', but it's not good for you, because it's steal.
Anyway, the fall's coming, we have many things to eat. Fantastic season.
pear, persimmon, apple, orange, and many things. In winter, there's a wonderful thing. A sweet potato, we baked this and it's very sweet.
When I was child, we always climbed mountain or swimming in the river.
After finished class, we never went to home early. Nowadays children don't understand like this and their parents never let them mountain or river.
I'm afraid my hometown changes like big city. I don't want that.
In yang san, there's a beautiful place that name's 'chun choo won'.
When I was little boy, My parents and my class always go to there.
I never forget it.

So, This is end of story, My hometown.
Everybody has hometown, but do you have mind hometown?
My mind hometown is 'chun choo won'.
When I was sad, I thought this place.
I think many people lost this.
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