terrible video game

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Oct 21, 2008 15:31
Nowadays, There are too many video games in this world.
I know this. Because I like games too. problem is holic.
In this day, children don't go out and play. They spend time only video games(computer online game). It's very danger to their health.
They watched the monitor and sit the chair almost time.
Children get worse their eyes, back and neck.
above all thing, they are growing fat like a pig!!
Look at these day children. many children look like a pig.
They won't exercise and never play go out. I never seen they were running. like turtle!!
Second, video games harm children's mind.
almost object of video games is killing someone and get their items.
For example shooting games kill the other people, you know why?
It just for fun. But no one would think it's killing people.
Because it's just a game. That's right. It's a game but when children
played this game they said "I killed him! I killed him!!"
they think I'm a good killer. Terrible thinking. and some video games
are very sultry. Imagine kill someone and get the woman who is almost naked girl. Do you think is it no matter to children?
Well... I don't think so.