Korea Baseball!!!

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Sep 29, 2008 19:34
Now a days, baseball is popular game to people in Korea.

'cause many of rooters come from ball park.
One of the most famous baseball stadium in Busan, Sajik stadium.

<Busan is south city, it's Port city.>

Many people come to see baseball game.
'Lotte Giant' is baseball player team in Busan.

A few years ago, Lotte was very weak team.
but now they have very powerful batsmans, and pitchers.

Now Lotter isn't weak team. and Lotter supporters always help.
They are singing '부산갈매기, 돌아와요부산항에' every time
until finish the game.

Player and suppoter, what a fantastic combie.

I have some question to ask everyone.


Do you like baseball? which do you like best team?

Have you ever seen the baseball game in stadium?
and how's your feeling!? (I always crazy!!)

Which do you like position? (I mean baseball position)