Diary 23.10 (2)

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Oct 24, 2018 02:01
I met up with my friend Helen tonight. At past a classmate had expressed love to her, but Helen didn't accept, because she didn't have special feeling towards him.

Helen has her own favorite guy. She can change herself to appeal him and learn how to cook, but meanwhile, Helen knows that she isn't his type. Helen dare not express love before him, otherwise they might not be able to even stay being friends.

今天晚上见了朋友贺。以前有人和她表白过, 但是贺没有接受,她不喜欢他。贺自己有喜欢的人,她为了他可以做很多改变,也会去学做菜,但贺知道她不是他喜欢的类型。她没有勇气和他表白,不然可能连朋友也做不了了。