At the airport in NY

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Nov 8, 2017 14:24
I was sitting in the airplane and I wanted to take a picture of myself, recreating this glorious moment of a first terrible flight. But the nightmare didn’t end… my cellphone wasn’t in my bag! And I started freaking out. I put my things away and I put them back like four times. I checked my pockets and all places around me. One tear fell from my face and I sank into my seat: this cannot be happening to me. I told my friend in a thin voice “I lost my cellphone”, and then I looked to the floor, with a looser-sad appearance.
I was crying during the whole flight, but then I decided that this will not ruin my new experience. So I tried to sleep until the airplane landed.
We got out of the airplane and went to take our suitcases, and here one of my biggest fear became real: my suitcase was opened and my clothes were hanging out of it. My friend took the suitcase and we tried to put everything back (fortunately, nobody was able to see my underwear) and then we continued like nothing happened.
We followed the instructions. There will be a car waiting for us, we just had to ask someone about the bus and showed our card, and this is what we did, but of course, things were not that easy…
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