This is how I ended up at the airport in the capital city of my cou...

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Nov 6, 2017 07:36
This is how I ended up at the airport in the capital city of my country: Caracas. I met a friend who was traveling to do the same thing than me. Fortunately we had each other.
Everything was doing great until I heard that someone called my name through the speaker. Security wanted to check my suitcase, and I couldn’t understand why. I just had clothes and I didn’t have any kind of food or drugs.
I was pissed but I had to go to the last floor of the airport. I reached security and I was facing a military who was opening my suitcase, and here is when my nightmare started: the idiot military broke the zip of my suitcase. I couldn’t hide my angry face, and I just said “really?” lifting my eyebrow and shaking my head.
I had to come back because I was about to lose my flight, and this is how I would have to travel with a broken suitcase (because of course, even though I complained about that, they didn’t care. This is how things in my country work).
I run through the huge airport that was empty. Nobody was a witness of my long race. Finally, I got into the airport and everybody was already sit. I walk with my hand luggage, trying to breath and calm down. My hair –that was perfectly brushed a few hours ago- was stick to my face and my hands were still shaking (losing your flight is not a fun thing to happened, and I was really close to live that).