I don’t believe that before making a decision, it is important to f...

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Nov 8, 2018 10:57

I don’t believe that before making a decision, it is important to find out if the decision will be popular with others. Making decisions is something important but every person should follow their instincts and they should not wait for other people to tell them if it’s good or not. You need to trust yourself and try to think what’s best for you. Nobody will know that except you because you know about your feelings and how making certain decisions will make you happy or unhappy. Nobody will ever know what are you going to feel because people have different perspectives and they can’t be on your position.
Second, not because a decision is popular with others it means that it’s the best decision. As I said before, people have different perspectives and sometimes what is good for one person, is not good for another person at all. That’s why a decision can be judged as a good decision but also as a bad decision. If for example, you want to leave the country and your mom will be alone if you do it, some people will say that this is a bad decision because she is going to be alone and if something happens to her, you are going to be guilty, especially if she’s an old woman. I am pretty sure this decision could easily become as the “popular” decision with others. But on the other hand, some people will say that you need to have your own life and do what’s best for you. Maybe if you make that decision, you will have a better financial situation and you will be able to help your mom even more, and at the same time, you will have a brighter future. As you can see, both decisions can be judged as bad and good decisions but it depends on the person.
Finally, sometimes when you want to make a decision and you ask too many people, you end up being confused. People have different opinions and advice, and if you listen to everything that people tell you, you will have so many things on your head and you will have a difficult time trying to decide what to do. Some people will agree and some other people will not agree, it will never be only one answer. This is why, it’s better to try to make a decision by listening to yourself or just by asking a few people. “Popularity” is not a good idea when you are trying to make a decision, specially a really important one.
In conclusion, I believe that making a decision is always a hard thing to do. You have a lot of things to think about and if it’s one of those important decisions that can change your life forever, it’s better to listen to your heart and try to do what makes you happy and what gives you peace.