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Nov 8, 2017 05:36
I was kind of upset during my flight, but then I decided that a broken suitcase will not ruin my trip, and this is how I decided to sleep and read during my 3 hour flight to Miami.
We arrived in Miami and everything looked great. My friend and I were nervous about immigration at the airport. With the whole deportation thing in the USA and how strict they are, even if you are legal you are still afraid, you think that something will happen to you, but we made it. The man who had to check my papers was really fun and kind. He asked me for food and then he laughed showing his white tooth. I felt in peace.
We had to go to pick our suitcases to change airplanes. I waited for my suitcase and I was ready to go, but then I noticed that my friend had three big suitcases and I opened my eyes widely. I can assure that those suitcases were bigger than I. She begged for help, and then we figured out how to carry 5 big suitcases between the two of us. Just for you to know, my suitcase was fine.
After a long time, we checked our bags –and my arms really hurt- and we got into our boarding gate. Two minutes later, people started coming into the airplane. I took a deep breath; we were almost in New York! And of course, I couldn’t be more exciting.
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