I began my work practice about month ago.

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Jun 15, 2016 00:09
I began my work practice about month ago. Every student has to finish it if he wants to be engineer. I went to three computer shops with services etc. but there were tiny shops and bosses didn’t want to accept me there. I went to another shop also and my boss is a cool man who immediately decided to employ me. It’s pity that it’s work for free haha but to be honest, no one makes me to sitting there. I tried to do website based on WordPress system. You know, it’s a system using to create any websites. You don’t have to write code from the basics but you can just ‘click-click’, do Abracadabra and you already have a nice-looking website! You can download any themes or plug-ins to Wordpress. I thought my boss should give to me more tasks but he almost wasn’t in the company. And that’s okay because I didn’t have to pretend an employee like in any corporation.