Learning chunks is a different way of learning Spanish.

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Jan 2, 2018 03:25

Learning chunks is a different way of learning Spanish. For many years, those people who studied Spanish simply devoted their time to learn new words and grammar rules,trying to form sentences with the vocabulary and rules that have been learnt.

The problem with this method of learning vocabulary in an isolated way and grammatical rules is that you have a really high probability of making mistakes. However, if you learn the structure "Me gusta ir", you can say: "Me gusta ir al trabajo". "Me gusta ir al cine". "Me gusta ir con mis amigos" etc. You are going to reduce your mistakes to a minimum. If we pay attention to the way children learn a language, we will see that they learn set of expressions or words first. They do not learn grammatical rules first and then they try to put them into practice, but they start to figure out models, patterns, words that go together and grammar rules, after having been absorbing the language for sometime. That only happens after they have reached a quite good Spanish level.

I would say that learning chunks can considerably speed up the Spanish learning process (especially at the first stages it can make your Spanish much more solid). With a few hundred chunks, you will be able to create thousands of sentences in Spanish without mistakes or with very few.

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