You can do shadowing wile reading a few times first and then go and...

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May 3, 2018 02:54
You can do shadowing wile reading a few times first and then go and shadow without reading the text.
I recommend that beginners shadow short stories with audio, documentaries, audios where native speakers do not speak too fast.
It is also recommended that beginners focus on the pronunciation of single words when they shadow in order to prevent the acquisition of bad pronunciation habits. The intonation will be learned in an unconscious way.

Blind shadowing
Consist in shadowing, repeating out loud at the same time as a native speaker talks, but without reading the text.
This way of shadowing is definitely much more effective for improving your pronunciation and intonation.
This is the kind of shadowing that I recommended for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish.
I recommend that you use audios where native speakers speak faster so that you get more used to learning and producing the intonation and stress patterns. It can be very useful to shadow dialogues of movies. Actors performance is very often accompanied by intense emotions. That is very useful for learning how to convey your intonation, sadness, happiness, etc in Spanish.

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