When you read I do not recommend that you look up in the dictionary...

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May 16, 2018 18:06
When you read I do not recommend that you look up in the dictionary every word that you do not know (unless you are using an electronic book). That may be tiring and many of the words that you may find will be irrelevant. If they appear again you might guess the meaning thanks to the context.
The idea is that reading must be pleasant and you will learn tons of new vocabulary in an interesting and subconcious way. If the word appears several times, it is relevant and you are not able to figure out the meaning, then you should look it up in a dictionary.
At the upper intermediate level, you migh read books that are not graded, even if the level is higher than yours. If you are interested in the topic that will motivate you and you will learn faster and more easily.


As I said before reading is my favorite approach for learning Spanish vocabulary. At the advanced level it is critical that you read a lot.
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