A baby is mysterious

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Apr 3, 2012 16:46
I bedded my son down thirty minutes ago.
So, I am able to write the diary like this.

While I was writing it, my son got up and cried so loud.
I wish I had started writing earlier.

I think a baby is mysterious.
One of the mystery is that he cries when he is sleepy.

A baby cries to tell an adult his all dissatisfaction.
I can understand that he cries when he wants to get hold him and to get change his diaper, for example.
But it puzzles me that he should cry because of his sleepiness.
As he appears to be crying because of his sleepiness, I think that he shoud sleep at his discretion.
I bed him down thinking like this.
If he gets a little older, he will go to sleep for himself.

I have a question.
What is the difference between "go to sleep" and "go to bed"?
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