Going to a nursery school

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Apr 2, 2012 18:05
I will restart working from April 16th.
I will leave my son with a nursery school from morning to late evening.

In order to get him attached there, I will leave him there for 3 hours in the morning this week.
Next week I will leave him for 7 hours.

Yesterday I was busy preparing for the nursery school.
The most troublesom task was writing his name on all the things taking there; for example a pack of diapers, towels, feeding bottles, blankets, wares, underwares and so on.

He cried out when I left him there this morning.
He looked so sad and I wanted to hug him. But I didn't of course.
We need to get accustomed to it.

--- In time, he will get to like the nursery and go to play without looking back at his mother.