Moving And Touching

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Feb 25, 2011 09:03 english phrase meaning question sentence adjective movie
I've been wondering if there is a difference between "moving" and "touching".

I have talked with an Indian man before, and he showed me a touching story at that time.
So, I thought 感動する in Japanese meant "touching" in English.

However, my daughter learned "moving" which was translated as 感動する at school. I guess the feeling of touching and moving is a bit different but I'm not sure about that. One of my friends told me "touching" appeals to his emotion, while "moving" makes him change his outlook of life.

Let's think about the origin of each word. "touching" comes from touch, the image is something touches someone's heart or feeling. Meanwhile, "moving" comes from move, a moving story could make someone's thinking move. That means my friend's interpretation makes sense.

Here are some movie's trailers from YouTube.

I personally think the first and the second videos are moving movie, the other two are touching movie. What do you think?

By the way, here are some Japanese common words which have the meaning of moving and touching. :)
感動する (~に)共感する 感銘を受ける じんとする 心を打たれる

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