How much fame do you want to get in your life?

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Jul 14, 2010 16:39
At the Upper House election, a famous woman judo wrestler who is still on the active list won a seat. When she announced her candidacy, she said she was still aiming at the next Olympic.

She has two small children and her husband is a famous baseball player. And now she is a politician.

She has four big titles, a jude wrestler, a wife of famous baseball player, a politician and a mother of two children.

One day is 24 hours, even if she worked without sleeping, she could spend only six hours for each of work, but I don't think she can work without sleep, of course, she needs to sleep.
So after simple calculation, she can work for each of them only a few hours. So how much can we expect her as her political work?
Probably, she would get a lot of salary as a politican, so people might be angry at her, if she spent a few hours for it.
How about her husband? Is he happy about her? Oh, it's non of my business, though.

And how about her children? I feel so sorry for her children. Mom prefered to work as politician not being with them.
I think rearing children is the most difficult career in our life. It's interesing too. You know, we can be so close to them such a short time. So why don't you cherish the nice moment with them?

Well, as she is rich, she might have enough money to produce several clones of