I'm Wearing..........

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Jun 26, 2010 20:26

It's been raining all day. It's depressing weather, isn't it?

Well, I had an English lesson for children in the afternoon. Usually there are four children in the class. I was a little worried if all of them would come, as it was bad weather. But fortunately, all of them came.

Today I planned the review of the unit they studied two weeks ago. This month they studied the sentence "I'm wearing~", I took several items they would put on. They are gloves, a cap, a hat. boots, a fluffy scarf, and funny glasses.
I got the funny glasses from my American friend. All of us look funny when we wear them.

Well, at the class, I showed all of the items and told them to wear three items.
First, I put the glasses, the cap and scarf and said "I'm wearing glasse, a cap and a scarf". Yes, they laughed a lot to see me, because I looked so funny with the glasses.

Then they did the same as me one by one. Can you guess how many children tried them?

I recommended each of them to try the glasses, but none of them tried. I was surprised at the fact.

There are only four children in my class, so I can't say the result shows Japanese character, but now I wonder why they didn't want to wear them, although they knew they would make other people laugh if they wore them.
Were they embarrassed?

Japanese people seem embarrassed by their English mistakes. Here's a nice video on Youtube to study English