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Jun 6, 2010 01:25
I went to the Tennoji zoo with my g-daughter on Saturday. Tennoji is 20 minutes away by bike from my home.
We could have taken a train to get to Tennoji, of course, but we went by bike.
We parked the bike near the Tennoji station and walked to the zoo. We left home around after 10:00 and arrived at the zoo before 11:00.
I don't know when I visited the zoo last time, but I enjoyed walking around with my g-daughter. She had some idea where certain animals were, so she guided me where to go.

In the afternoon, it got very hot, so heat made us tired. There was a performance by two jugglers. While she was watching it, I had some rest on the bench.

After we left the zoo, we dropped by the Japanese Garden called Keitakuen and enjoyed a nice view. While we were walking there, she found two foreign boys who were around her age. She found they spoke Japanese fluently and she enjoyed playing with them for awhile.

We also talked to a French couple and enjoyed brief talk with them.

Well, both of us attached a pedometer. Mine showed over 13000 steps and my g-daughter showed over 15000, so I'm sure we had a good exercise.

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