My Neighbor.

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May 31, 2010 15:15
It's nice weather today, and I'm having a cup of coffee in peace and quiet.
I don't hear any shout or yelling from my neighbor.
As you know, Japanese houses are built very close each other, because there are so many people in a small property. Japan is almost as big as California and about 12.7 million people live here.
So you can imagine how packed we live here.

Because of my apartment room is so close to the house next door, I can hear the neighbor's voice, especially the mother's bad words.
She has three children, but I always hear somebody is crying.
She shouts and yells at her children and her way of talk is terrible.

As soon as children wake up, she starts to shout with rough words. She talks just like a man.

I hope she doesn't bully her children, but even if she didn't, I feel so sorry for her children who have to listen to their mom all the time.
They must be very relieved while they are at school.

I just hope those three children will grow up without any problem and when they get a parent, they will be a nice parent.
I shouldn't judge people just through listening to them, though.

Sometimes her voice frightens me. lol

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