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Mar 30, 2010 12:30
Some years ago, I had a female friend who learned English at the same class as me. She was 10 years older than me. She quit the class after she complained her English hadn't got improved in the class. She joined a very famous language school which was called N..A. Anyway, after she quite the class which I joined, she and I exchanged e-mail in English. She made several mistakes in her e-mail, so whenever I found her mistake, I corrected her mistake.
Can you imagine what she wrote to me. Apparently she didn't like it. She said she would never write to me and she stopped writing.
I'm not a native English speaker, but I wonder how would you feel if I corrected other people's English? It's the site to correct other people's language to improve our second language. I suppose we have different ways to use this site.

It's interesting for me to compare the difference between my correction and native speaker's correction. I still make a lot of mistakes too, so I'm really appreciate that native English speakers correct my misakes.

Well, last night I stayed up and correct a Japanese man's writing and lleft comment on his writing.
It was at around 2:00 in the morning. He wrote how he could improve his English and his friend suggested him he should have a girlfriend who speaks English. But he said it wasn't appropriate to have a foreign girlfriend to learn English from her. He also told that if he found he was used by someone for a kind of tool, he would be very angry.
I didn't understand why he feels that way. I aways feel so happy to hear that some people would like to learn Japanese from me and exchange e-mail with me. I believe it's the best way to learn a language for us to have some foreign friends who speak the language which we'd like to study.

Oh, I wanted to know what he responsed my comment in the morning, but it seems he deleted all of his writing, my correcting and comment. It's a pity.